Wooden Watches Explained

Wooden dive Watches

Dive WatchWooden dive watches are one of the latest products that are available at Ryan jack. The leather and metal watches are hands made by master watchmakers from Italy. The watches are precisely made by using precious metals and precious woods, which gives them a different look from the common stainless steel watches. The wooden dive watch comes in 2 sizes, the watch ring is approximately 3.5" in diameter and it comes with a 30mm strap. The watch has an in-house written watch movement, which means that the watch hands are hand-painted to a special finish. The movement is linked to an in-house automatic, which means that there is no need for the regular battery changes with a mechanical watch.

Dual Display Wooden Watch for Men

If you are looking for a watch with timepieces that have a high-class, rugged, well-dual display watchmade, distinctive style, then you'll be glad to have come across dual display wooden watches for men. Besides offering stunning products, fine quality, and high-quality service, dual display wooden watches also guarantees excellent value and service when compared to similar fashion companies. These are the ones which are very popular and people like it. There are many good options in the market but most of the best ones are with Ryan jack. They are one of the best website which has a huge collection of wooden watches.

Men’s Minimalist watch

minimalist watchA website like Ryan jack devoted to leather-inspired watches does exactly that with the little Minimalist, and it will run you only £59.95. And this time, it's priced for a man. This solid, black space-age timepiece is certainly a change of pace from the fashionable, multicolored ones you'd find in the morning or evening. The entire watch is available in a simple black leather or brushed stainless steel band with unique soles, it makes it very hard to see through the band to the dial.

Hunted Mechanical Watch

Automatic Wood Winder Handmade, two-toned wooden mechanical watches. Nohunted watch flaws, perfect condition. The case is 38mm, 18ct gold-filled, gold plated. Including the carabiner, it's all hand made. Bulge is ~1.5mm. If you like sleek, classic, and mechanical watches, then this is the watch for you.

Women's Chronograph Rose Gold Wooden Wrist Watch

womends rose gold watchThe metal case is available in multiple finishes, and is precision-crafted, with a screw-down crown and pushers. Very attractive new remake by Ryan jack. 6 perforations on case steel. Strap case. Brass bezel. Graflex quartz movement. Brass pins to anchor Bezel Cushion. It is approximately 28.5 mm in diameter. The case is Grade 5 hardened steel with a low-vault clasp. Anodized Screw less Spring Bar with Graflex 6S39 movement. Manual Wind.

These are but just a few of the best wooden watches on the market today. If you need more lucrative watches just scroll through the website and explore your searches. There many other options and you will surely find something special which you would have not even seen so far and find something interesting.


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