Why choose our wooden watches?

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The latest rage in the fashion watch world are wooden watches. These timeless pieces have become very popular amongst men and women. Now more than ever, we as a nation have come to love the simple life and are more in touch with nature making these natural wooden pieces so desireable.

Wood has always been an essential building material and now the unique design can be brought into statement pieces, precision and effort are put into every handcrafted design.

These pieces stand out because they are naturally different. No two watches are the same due the natural variation of the wood grain. Distinct wood grain patterns are naturally created even though they are from the same tree. Adding uniqueness, warmth and character to each watch.

Most watches are half the weight of a watch with a metal band due to the 100% natural wood. Our wooden watches come with the added benefit of being ECO friendly, they are a renewable resource as we can replant trees. The majority of our wooden boxes are from recycled boxes, 100% natural wood are handcrafted into our watches.

Hypo allergenic, none toxic finish, light weight, eco friendly are just some of the fabulous qualities of these handmade wooden watches. With it's unique look, these watches really are a timeless piece.

By choosing a 100% natural wood watch you are making a happy and healthy choice for your future.

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