The Process of Making a Wood Watch


Wooden watches at Ryan Jack are unique. The designs of the watches are creative and innovative, which makes the brand very attractive. As the design of the watches are inspired by nature, it is very eco-friendly. Today in this article I will share with you the process of making wooden watches. The process of making the wooden watch begins with planning. Here we make the blue print of the design and gather all the material that is required like

Dial (surface of the watch which numbers are laid), Crystal (the transparent glass over the surface), Clasps (which help to tighten the watch), Crown (which helps to adjust the time) and Movement (the entire machinery that is laid behind the watch). The next step is designing. Under designing, the style of the watch is decided and selection of the wood is done. There are different types of styles like analogue, digital, automatic and many more.

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When it comes to wood, there are different types of wood that is used such as zebra wood, dark oak, red wood and many more. Watches of all types of wood and style are made by Ryan Jack. The next step is framing or building the watch. The size of the watch is decided which ranges from 32mm to 50 mm. The entire internal machinery or the movements of the watch are measured and placed, then the crown adjustment is made to check whether it fits with the machinery and the thickness of the watch is measured. The next step is sanding the wooden parts which will be attached to the final product. Sanding makes the wood smooth and clean.

By now half of the process of making the wooden watch is done. The next step is to fix or assemble the parts. Here we have to glue all the pieces together. Separate wooden glue is used which is suitable for only wooden items. The next thing would be putting on the crystal, the glass that covers the surface of the watch and other minor things or functions are checked. The final step is giving a touch up by making some changes and checking whether the watch is working or not. And lastly the watched is polished ready for sale.

This is an amazing way to give a gift and you can surely have a good time wearing them for sure.

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