The 5 Best Things about Wooden Watches

So do you want to know some of the Best Things about Wooden Watches, then keep reading, we will tell you few interesting things which can help to find you your dream watch, which are very easily available at This is one of the most popular websites for wooden watches.


1. Unique Look

Wooden watches are typically designed in a more modern style with many colors, watchso finding a watch with this look can set you apart. They also tend to be priced less, which is certainly great for any collector. What makes them so good for the building is that they last for years as they are built out of natural materials. Even if the surface is not perfectly smooth, watch faces cannot be scratched.


2. Size

Typically, a watch that is designed with a bezel in the middle is bigger than those with an outer rim. These larger watches also come with a more complex and complicated model. However, If you are lucky enough to own a few watches with this design, then, by all means, go ahead and have the majority. But even a tiniest of ones are the most fun when you can just dive into them and let them speak for themselves.


3. Great Quality

Made from a wide variety of materials, wood watches aren't always at the top of the class. But a good quality wood watch is a great investment and a great way to differentiate yourself from everyone else. While most wood watches simply show the time, we like to see a full day layout showing different time zones, sunny and cloudy days, and even weather patterns. Each watch also has a "minimalist" look, with minimal images and typography to make it look like something that could be dropped into your office.


4. Sustainable Wood

watchSustainability is not only a matter of keeping a green footprint, but it's also about creating products that are naturally beautiful and minimalistic. Because the finest wood requires less energy and moisture to make than any other wood, it creates a more durable watch that is also potentially more water-resistant and this is available at


5. Oil-Free Watches

Wood-made bands are available in the 3 most popular styles: metal, leather, and polymer. Many of these bands have oil-free, ultra-soft, icky inclusions. This includes nicks, tears, and pores that are all-natural and used in the creation of the band and the hands. While it is not necessary to adhere to the stopwatch movement every time, oil-free watches allow you to wear a simple band or no watch at all, without the possibility of environmental contamination.



In buying wood watches, you will choose a material that's durable and comfortable, usually, the old luxury wooden dive watch mechanical wristwatch pieces of the hunt. But if you can't find something as uniquely beautiful as a luxury wooden watch from an ancient master, that's OK. We won't judge you.


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