How to Remove Wood Watch Links

Here we have provided a simple step by step set of instructions to remove or add links to your wood watch to make the band bigger or larger where needed.

You may recieve a slightly different tool variant than what is shown in these pictures but the actions and process are the same.

Step 1 -

In this first step we need to push out the link needle using the link removal tool that comes with your watch. As you can see in the picture make sure you push out the needle with the slightly bigger sized end out first, this is used to keep the needle in place, if it is pushed out backwards it will damage the hole sizes.


Step 2 -

Stand the watch on it's side or if you are using the clamp tool clamp the watch in place. Then slowly push out the needle as far as you can with the tool, this should leave the needle poking out ready to remove fully.


Step 3 -

The next step is to fully remove the rest of the link needle. You won't need this in at this point as you are removing the link.


Step 4 -

Now simply remove the link. The process is quite simple, you would do exactly the same to add links as required but the opposite. Once you have taken the link off you are now ready to out the band back together.....


Step 5 -

In the final step all you need to do is push the band together, lineup the holes and insert the watch needle straight through the holes to the other side, the watch needle will sit flush within the link when fully inserted. It may need a little pressure to push the final edge of the needle to sit flush with the band.


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